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I've just finished updating and releasing the 1.4 version of Groovy Invaders. With several updates being made, and bugs fixed. And also I made the first ever trailer for Groovy Invaders!

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Last week I update Groovy Invaders once more, introducing version 1.4 of the game. And I also made the
first ever Game Trailer for it, and uploaded it onto youtube! So far it's been receiving good feedback.
Come watch below or at the Link:

Please feel free to subscribe to my channel too. I plan to be posting videos regularly. But I digress.
Groovy Invaders has had its fourth update now. And I've made sure to do plenty of fine tuning this
time around. Here's a list of what I've updated:

Enemy quantity for levels 8, 9 & 10 have been balanced out more

Ship size for the Space Bus and the Pirate Ship have been reduced

Bugs involving the Level 10 boss have been fixed

Sound effect glitches during storyboard fixed, also sound effect volume has been adjusted

new pig sound effect

Ack Man Glitch has been taken care of

Again, I still plan to be taking out any more bugs I can find. Feel free to message me if you happen to find any more. Also check out these cool screen shots I took from the later levels I updated!

Groovy Invaders version 1.4 pictures

Groovy Invaders version 1.4 pictures

For later updates, I plan on making new levels that introduces new enemy types, and I still
am planning to get new graphics for Groovy Invaders. It's taking more time than I thought it would, but
sometime soon I should have them.

That's all for now. Come download Groovy Invaders on our IndieDB profile or at:

and make sure to check out our youtube channel and subscribe!


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