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Server Browser, Upcoming Class Updates, A Helping Hugo

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Hail Wizardfolk,

As you may have noticed we're rapidly adding content and fixes to the build. This week we added some exciting new passive skills to the wizards. Ice is getting a new passive, Nature is getting a new passive, Fire is getting a new passive, and finally Earth is getting a new passive. Chan detailed these passives in our previous update and I won't repeat them here... if you haven't read update #9 yet- do it now! With this update every class is fully implemented... almost. Future spell improvements are coming to Lightning, Earth, Nature.
The Nature passive in action.

Lightning Wizards are getting zoom added to Lightning Bolt. Zoom should help cement Lightning's role as a sniper/long range class and make them even more terrifying at long range. Boulder (default right click) is getting a complete rework. The new spell will split the ground and create a fissure that damages everything in a line in front of the wizard. If you're familiar with DotA's Earth Shaker, you know what we're going for :). Nature is getting an improvement to their 2nd skill that makes missed attacks will create a "blossom" on the ground. Allies can pick up the blossom to gain a weakened version of the original "missed" heal. These blossoms have a short lifespan and will wither and die if they aren't retrieved quickly.

This week we also added the first version of our server browser. The browser is in a rough, unfinished state- but it gets the job done: listing server name, ping, and player count for each server running Grimoire.
Finally, I want to give a big shout out and sincere thank you Hugo, who has been helping us animate our Wizards. Go check out Hugo's labor of love, Wicked Witches at and be sure to vote for it on Greenlight. Grimoire is getting a lot of awesome content because of Hugo, so please go give him a big Yes vote for us.

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