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Bots you say…? Plus new groundwork for progression!

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All aboard! The bot train is coming to Grimoire!

What's up everyone! Chan here from the Grimoire team. I wanted to stop by to give everyone a glimpse of some of the systems i've been actively working on. One mistake we absolutely feel we made was releasing Grimoire without bots to play against, so this has become one of my highest priorities. Now I have given you something to shoot at while player pop is at it's lows! We anticipate that with the addition of bots, new progression systems, and heightened marketing we will gradually continue building the community to give everyone the wizard warfare experience they seek! As of right now we have lightning and fire bots active in FFA mode, however you should expect to see some more AI classes make their way into future updates and game modes! Make sure to drop us a line on the current state of the bots as we're always interested in hearing your feedback!

Full fledged bot battle on FFA_Slums!

A very important aspect we've always wanted to expand upon is a fully persistent progression system. I've begun laying the groundwork for player stats and the system is now fully functional. Your player is given stats at the end of every match, so make sure to stick around to receive your experience points!

Currently saved player stats include:

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Experience (you receive 5x your points in experience at the end of the match. You are also granted 100 bonus experience if your team wins, and 50 bonus experience for completing a match.)
  • Level (More to come on progression systems that coincide with this soon!)
  • Matches played
  • Matches won
  • Matches lost
  • MVP Score(Player with the highest point total at the end of a match)

Your current progression stats can be seen from the "Prestige" button on the main menu (Yes this is a placeholder menu!) Are there more stats you'd like to see tracked? Let us know!

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