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Take a look at how tactical combat works in Grimoire Guilds in this gameplay video.

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Hey there!

This week I've worked on revamping the combat system to lean more towards the tactical aspect of the game.

Take a look at the video to see how it is!

The player will now have to build a squad of characters. Each of these characters has unique cards that represent their abilities or skills. So the player's deck is made up of the current characters' cards. Each character will be able to move and attack in a turn-based system. Activating a card for is consumes a turn point and ends the owning character's turn.

What do you think of the combat? Let me know in the comments.

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Well I misread the title as Gilmore Girls, glad your game had nothing to do with them. Its interesting, you see a lot of that attack/counter attack with vehicles in turn based games, but not so much in unit vs unit games.

Looks solid but I think id need to actually play it to get a bit more context of whats happening.

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DrixStudios Author

Thanks! Yeah, a lot of people misread it as Gilmore Girls so I'm still thinking of changing the name.

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Gilmore Girls is a jewish crap tv show
and the other funfact is i saw a hexagram card in this mod.
lmfao pretty yidish...
read the jewish book TALMUD and discover their satanic action.
jews aint semits.
gl sir

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