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Grilo asked me to post this news for him. So after a little correcting here it is.

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Grilo asked me to post this news for him:

Well if you this mod just a bit you would know that this is not going so well and since NZNobody was busy I think I was the only one working (well atleast I tried but my laptop broke and my map is there). When I first saw this mod I thought that I couldnt let this die and since then ive been doing what I can on my busy life to help NZNobody. There is just one thing I can say about him is a real great guy he told me every program that I could use to model and tried to help me modeling (to be honest I didnt like modeling much thats why I prefer to map) and the last thing I want to see is NZNobody leave the mod so ive tried to convece him to stay. He agreed that if me and the others get something to show on ModDB by next week he would give another chance so please if you are interested pm NZnobody with what you would like to do, such as code or model or anything (NZNobody says: not concept artists, ive got enough) it would be very much apriciated.

PS: I will never let this die

A little message from one of my mappers :P Well there you have i don't think i need to explain, other than mainly we need a coder and a ORGANIC modeler.
Thanks Grilo for your message and thanks community for supporting it untill now, we shall see.



"PS: I will never let this die"

derp de derp

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