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Greetings people, don't think Extra Invasion is dead because it will not. We have spent thousands of hours doing those boring rigging/ modelling stuff and we will not going to let it die like that.

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(We have already start this project from scratch, this is a legit project which means it is going to be the sequal of Full Invasion, no longer Extra Invasion, as I have always wanted to do a Sequel. Extra Invasion the name comes from Arch3r anyway)

Mod's Progress:
Empire troops: Ranger, Assassin, Militia, Captain, Gothic Knight, Gothic FootKnight, Imperial Guard, Imperial Infantry, Infantry, Sergeant

LOTR: Elven Warrior, Sauron, Witch King, Nazguls, Easterlings, Gondor Infantry, Gondor Cavalry, Rohan Infantry, Rohan Cavalry, Uruk-hais and the Hobbits

Enhance Empire Faction (100%)
Adding LOTR faction (50%, now adding TLD items)
Assassin as Defender faction = Done
Adding 66 maps (Done)
Goblins (Real goblins ,no more greenish gobbo thx to TLD) (Done)
Adding new items to Chest

Before we add any new invasion to Full Invasion we must make sure it won't affect the bots spawning time, so if the first release is ok, then we will add invader faction up to 30 with 20 defender faction or something.

Our Dream Goal:
Over 50 Defender Factions
Over 150 Invader Factions
Over 500 maps to play


That Dream Goal is one hell of a goal!

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True, they just added 6 more maps

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