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An echo from the past.

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Long time no see, fellow people.

So, instead of simply dropping this project I used to be quite keen on, I decided to address what has happened during these few years. As some of you are probably aware, I started working on this back in August 2013, hoping to release it somewhere between middle 2014 and middle 2015. As the time went on and as "certain" things transpired I was both unable and uninterested in working on it again, perhaps due to trying to be too ambitious, setting up expectations that moments after declaring I wagered I'd be unable to fulfill, et cetera.

Last time I checked, not only do I have problems with the level editor, but I was also recently re-reading the story I wrote years ago. Safe to say, I would probably not dare release something like it for hundreds or thousands to download and read. The text that I used to consider cool and badass back when I wrote it, now was so edgy and cringe-worthy that I doubt it has any value/purpose (aside from being edgy of course) and it certainly would not encourage the player to read more or keep him/her interested.
I like exploring and trying out new things all the time, so after 4 years the mod is bound to become a chore.
I'm sure that applies to most other modders as well.

I might make something Amnesia-related in the future, but I doubt I will touch this mod ever again nor will I release something under its title. But hey, at least it was fun for a while.

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