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A brief summary of the work dedicated to the mod, Iranian campaign of World War II, with the Anglo-Soviet invasion at the end of August 1941. Greetings to visitors on behalf of our entire team.

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Greetings to everyone and warmly welcome to the mod "Iran at War 1941".
A situation that is very little known to everyone is regarding the Iranian campaign in the midst of World War II, as although Iran was a neutral country in the conflict, it was finally invaded by British and Soviet troops in late August 1941.
The Iranian Shah Rezā Pahlavi, whose relations were very close to the German cause, in particular his friendship with Adolf Hitler, had his country invaded for two reasons: fearing that Iran would provide any support to the Axis forces, and secondly to provide a route for the sending of Soviet allied supplies through Iran to the Caucasus.
In this mod you'll control Iranian troops who will do the utmost to prevent any joint advances by the Anglo-Soviet forces from occupying your country. There will be tanks, armored cars, transport vehicles, weapons and new units.
However, we are in the initial phase, that is, we cannot say when the mod will be released exactly, so we ask everyone for patience and that they can support us in our work. We are open to suggestions and willing to listen to everyone whatever the question you have.

Thanks again to everyone!

The team: Germany1914, A.Afshar and Kawoos.

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