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Greetings and Hello, friends. We're going to start out by giving a little bit more info on the game and where things are at.

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Currently, Balance of Power is in early development. Development officially started in August of 2012. Here is what has been established:

- The game is a turn-based strategy / espionage game.
- The goal of the game is to prevent a war between two opposing governments.
- There is no real "victory" at the end of the game, just a summary of the results. It's up to you to decide if you were victorious or not.
- The setting is sci-fi mixed with soviet-era Russian stylings. Imagine a splinter of soveit Russia sent a colony ship to a far away solar system, and the colony split into two opposing factions. Over decades, each faction grew into an independent government.
- Our art style is completely comprised of meticulously hand-drawn sketches and watercolor. It's seriously cool, and we think it will be visually unique and distinct. Take a look at our prototype splash page.

That's the skinny on what we're working on. A handful of art prototypes, music tracks, and bare bones programming have been completed. Although we are in the early stages, the game is fairly simple in nature and we're planning on releasing in the first half of 2013. We are three people with full time jobs, creating this game with our evenings and weekends. It WILL happen, but it's hard to put an exact time from on it until we get closer!

-A Wizard Did It

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