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Hello!I'm happy to announce that we have taken some huge leaps forwards in the past weeks.

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Hello!I'm happy to announce that we have taken some huge leaps forwards in the past weeks.

Before i tell more about what we have done past weeks i want tell you that we start Greenlight!

Go to greenlight!

We have patched about 50 bugs and added about 30 new features in the past week. The feature-list is now empty. We're now going to start some heavy testing sessions to ensure everything runs smoothly, hoping to get a demo-version out and released by April.

So what have we been doing for the past weeks?

AI DevelopmentArtificial intelligence can never be too good, so it's naturally something to constantly improve on. Some bugs were also found that caused some looping in the ai's instructions. A too smart AI became a problem too, he started to heavily abuse the loan system built into the game, which caused him to make insane amounts of money in a short period of time. Errors like these have now been patched and everything seems to mostly be in good working order.

Developing the AI has been a major timesink and it has become the single greatest element to work on in this game, it has also been the biggest priority to get right.

Characters and their profilesA skillset was added on character profiles, and their "history" is now visible. This way you can look up what kinds of people you are dealing with, to make better decisions about things like whether or not to invest in them or their companies.

Characters ask for investments
Characters can now ask for investments. When they want to found new companies, they might ask the player for an investment to get things up and running. For example, they could ask for 300k€ for a 10% share in their company, then you can decide if you want to invest and if you want to invest with your company or personally.

Technology storesWe finally finished up a feature which allows you to develop and improve on your technologies in different segments, to make better higher quality products, or to just sell your research discoveries and become rich that way. Or you could make a new company, and buy others technologies to it to start production off at a higher level.

Or you could develop on your own products, to make them better and to keep them fresh so the public stay interested in them.

Corporate acquisitionsThe AI can now trade companies between each other. This way, many small companies can form into a massive single one. Companies can also purchase other companies, or offer to buy off as many shares as possible to form a large network of companies run by one. You can string many companies to have one which is responsible for manufacturing, one for sales and one for the research of goods, to keep everything easily manageable.

E-MailOne of the newest additions into the game is the e-mail, which will supply you with different kinds of information. For example, if a company you are invested in goes bankrupt, you'll get a notification about it in your e-mail. Your yearly goals will be sent to you via e-mail too.

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