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Hey everyone! Shmadow is now up on Greenlight! Demo, Soundtrack, Trailers, and more inside!

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Shmadow is now on Greenlight!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! This past week has been a crazy one for us at Extrokold Games with getting everything together for putting Shmadow up on greenlight! We've gone through and finished up the two trailers that we wanted to do for starting up the greenlight, was definitely a lot of fun learning along the way for us.

What is Shmadow? Shmadow is a Shoot 'em up (Shmup) game built around shadows. We wanted to do a light vs darkness themed shooter, giving it infinite gameplay, added in some bosses, leaderboards, and a bunch of weapons to blow stuff up. We designed Shmadow to be difficult, you'll die, die a lot, but you'll keep progressing to achieve new records. You can enjoy 4 player co-op with your friends adding in another dimension to the gameplay and 10 unlockable powerups and 3 extra modes.


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We worked with a very talented composer Bobby Rose to put together the music in Shmadow and integrated the flow of the music with the game. Whenever you die you can hear the beat down, you can slow down time and the music will help you keep track of when the game will speed back up. As the game gets harder so will the music get more intense. We're really proud of how everything came out and hope you'll enjoy listening to the complete mixes for the songs.


Cause sometimes a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Our friends at Remedial Comics helped us put together a sweet story trailer for you guys as well =)

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