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We're going to start our Greenlight campaign soon! Take your chance to win Steam games and help us with spreading the word.

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Some of you have heard the news that Valve is going to be removing Greenlight in place of a more direct payment method; we feel that it will be in the best interest of our community to make use of Greenlight before it is removed so that others can hear about the game. That being said we need your help to get the word out so we will be doing both another giveaway and something called "Thunderclap", for those of you haven't heard of Thunderclap before it is used as a way for everyone post at the same time. Please check out our Thunderclap campaign here: Thunderclap - Dungeons of Tal'Doria Coming

We also have started to create new animations for our alpha build. Along with our first in-game soundtrack you can have a look behind the scenes!

Note: We have used Thunderclap in the past and it will only post the single tweet for you that you approve; they will not post anything else on your feed.


  • Steam Greenlight
  • Open Alpha

Steam Greenlight

Dungeons of Tal'Doria will be coming to Greenlight on March 9th and to celebrate we will be having another big giveaway for our awesome community! The games we are going to be giving away this time around are:

For those of you who already took part in our last giveaway, entries are going to be that much easier as it will just ask you to confirm that you have already followed and liked our pages; on top of this we will also have ways to get new entries each day so those looking to get extra entries will be happy!

Here is the giveaway link:

SuneX Games Steam Game Giveaway!

Open Alpha

There was a lot of feedback on how the animations looked so we are going to rework all animations for the combat and movement; which will make the attacks more evident and makes the movement feel less robotic. You can have a quick look behind the scenes here:

Anyone who is interested in signing up for the alpha still has time to do so, just head over to our webpage here: and sign up for our newsletter. Those on the mailing list will get first priority when we are ready to share!

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