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This Update Journal runs through the amount of exposure and feedback

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Greebroll Journal 07 - Slowly Rising

So how much feedback have I gotten in around the first month of putting Greebroll to Greenlight and sending all the press responses?

Not much. There are a few reasons I have boiled this down to.

One is that when people see the game on Greenlight, they see the trailer (broken parts of the gameplay), some of the trippy screenshots and they still don't understand. So one of my tactics which I will implement is to create a guide exploring the features and how Greebroll is played.

Another thing is that many get turned off by a platformer if I put 'challenging' in the mix because it either seems too daunting to play making it appear boring or it has been done before.

I've tested this game out on many people where I got them to actually play, I've seen their expressions and I can tell that if people actually spend the time to actually try it out, they will be have fun.

I have finally gotten a positive article review on Greebroll by Indie Game Enthusiast.
I also have gotten two video reviews, the first one being a "Hot-Pepper Challenge" Walkthrough:

Then I also got a short but hilarious impression of Greebroll, with quite a lot of course language.

All in all, I hope to be sending more press emails as well as getting more responses.
It works exponentially in a way where the more people I have doing a review, the more people watch it and want to try it out and do reviews etc.

Also, if you are reading this, I'd love it if you could vote on the Greenlight link below and share this around but, before sharing please try it out for yourself as you will be surprised how fun it can get for you.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. - I'm out.

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