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Zombie ragdoll to be relased by saturday! Look out!

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Progress on the model has gone much quicker than expected, and I will be able to release the ragdoll, with early beta textures, by this saturday! Look out for that in the download section over the weekend. It does NOT include any animations, so don't try looking for them :D. After the Classic model is finished, not including full textures (so these textures will stay until after the first beta) I'll start work on the Heavy, who I have concepted in my mind, but since I cannot draw to save my life you'll just have to wait. It is LOD-less for now, but rest assured that will be quickly adressed. The option to be a playtester is still very much open, as is the oppertunity to invent dying and attack animations (I have so many dying animations, so you might be a bit less likely to get ingame on that one), so don't be afraid to comment

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