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So just finished incorporating a proper but basic inventory system into the game. It was the last piece of the puzzle, a piece I felt the game had to have before a demo could be released. With it in I am working on a demo for people to jump in and provide feedback. This game is, what my concept artist and I call the What If Game, and the Why Not Game.

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We sat down and decided to talk about games we enjoy playing. Games like Day Z, 7 Days to Die and many more. We got on the subject of why cant we carry a shovel and a pickaxe on Day Z. Now we both love those games, Rust included, but why do they do some of the things they do. We began to talk about a real world situation where we needed to survive a apocalyptic situation, be it zombies, drought, or any other situation. If going out meant you were taking a chance of getting killed wouldn't you want to go out as less as possible? Of course, so why would I go out with out all the proper tools. Its not unrealistic to carry a lot more then most games allow for. So I'm a average sized guy, 5 '10 175 lbs, I don't work out every day, and I consider myself average in the physical fitness point of view. I suited up with my jeans, a t shirt, and some running shoes. Then I strapped a knife to my left leg, concealed under my pants leg. I put a belt on with two pistol holsters with two pistols. The belt also holds 5 clips on the side and a knife on the back. I put on a light vest with 6 front pockets, and 2 on the inside. I had 6 bags of jerky, one water canteen, some more clips, and an energy bar. Ok I then put on a light backpack with only a few cans of soda,flint and a compass and map. On the bag I strapped a small pickaxe on the left and a shovel on the right.Last I grabbed a rifle with a strap i made myself, put on my shoulder and I hiked a few miles. I climbed a few things, used the tools, ran some and hiked back.

So whats the point of that? To show that its not unrealistic for a average guy to carry all that stuff. Did I look weird hiking like that, damn strait I did but I did it and I did it rather easy. The point or realization we came to was many games done do things that we feel can be done, and be done rather easy. So what if there was a game where you could have quest and lore like an RPG, have to survive, and have horror and strategy elements all in one. Would you even want to play a game like that? We would and that's what we are going to make. But it doesn't have to be just us making it, you can help to. what can you do, well what do you want to play? How hard core do you want the survival be, what is something you want to see in a game but have not or maybe saw it done in a different way?

We are creating a universe from scratch, all the 3d models are temporary. We are going to create races, plant life, wild life, enemies, buildings, crafts, planets, moons, and stars all from scratch. You wont see zombies, deer, or trees at least not like you have before. Think a brand new world where we, and maybe you come up with new life, new lore, all together.

This is our goal and we hope people can grasp even a fraction of what we are going for.

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