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I put my game on Kickstarter and I hope I'll get enough money to put the game on mobile app stores.

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Hello guys!

I already put my game on Kickstarter. As you know, or you don't know, it is my first bigger game, so even if I won't get enough money, it's a little success for me. If someone will pledge even 2pounds, it will be a success. So if you could share that with everyone who like to help indie game developers. It would really help me to share that information with friends and maybe some players in other games.

If you want to read the description of the game, you can read that on my blog or on Kickstarter. Here are some good pictures from the game and the trailer( 640x480 only )


The map - I'm creating the maps in external program made in C++ and SFML. I'll provide a map maker inside the game, so you won't need to download anything.


Skins - After you complete the map, you get coins. If you'll collect coins, you'll get more coins. And what can you do with that coins, you're asking? You can buy skins and even a premium account. Skins don't change the speed of your hero, or something else, it just a different... skin.


Account system - is something like a normal account on almost any website. You just sing up yourself and sing in inside of the game. You can keep your maps' records, your coins and your skins on the database. You can also add new friends and make a friends list. You can make a map and share that map with those friends or other players.

And here is the trailer. It was the, I think, most difficult thing to do, but I guess I'm wrong. The resolution is really bad, because if I tried to upload a normal HD version, it took 1400minutes. So I tired to upload this through the night, but my computer just restarted( new windows update ). So here it is:

Here are some links:

I hope you will share that post, or whatever it is with your friends and make my game comes true.

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