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Gravity gobbler now officially released and entered for greenlight, check out the trailer and gameplay video to see what you think!

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Gravity gobbler, an otherworldly physics gravity platforming adventure where you play as a lizard-like alien is complete, and ready for you to play!

Release Trailer:

Gameplay video:

That said if there is demand I may still build on the game further, and obviously I'm still going to be fixing bugs that come up, trying to smooth out clunky mechanics as much as possible, so if anything is bugging you about the game, (pun intended) don't hesitate to let me know.

Calling for Greenlight voters, yep that's YOU!

If you cant wait for greenlight, the game is available on, or on Gamejolt for less than the average ice cream!

Its been 3 years in development, on and off, between my other projects, and at last Gravity Gobbler is released! This is my first game, and I have been the single dev, with thanks ofcourse to Tom Chapmon for some great concepts and critique and Ben Thornton for his great music. I can tell you, you don't look at a game the same way after you have spent a week fixing bugs you did not know existed at the end of the previous week! You learn a lot from it though, you can expect my next games to have a far better ratio of development time to content!

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