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In this update I have added a local multiplayer level where you can fight against your friends, two new levels and I have made a mine laying robot.

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Gravity Gobbler

Local Multiplayer

in this update I have added a local multiplayer level where you can fight against your friends, one player takes control of the the creature on the keyboard wilts the other plays as the missile drone using the controller.

so far it seems to be pretty balanced from the kill / death ratio but I plan to make single missiles shoot faster than firing the batch so there is an incentive to use them too because I have found that people tend not to use the single missiles much.

Mine Laying Drone

I have made a mine laying drone AI which I think works quite well however I have not put them in the main campaign yet as I have not finished the model for them but they are in the challenge level so that you can see what they are like in the mean time.

They travel randomly around the level dynamically sensing obstacles and avoiding them dropping mines as they go. Both the mines and the drones interact with physics so you can knock a drone into a mine or shoot mines near other enemys to set them off. Any robots or can trigger mines so they can be used as a dangerous weapon for both you and your enemy!

Improved Enemy Navigation balance changes.

Wist I was working on the mine laying drone AI I discovered a way to make the other enemys navigate around obstacles better which stopped them getting stuck on things which is good but it did result in them being more effective so I have made some balance changes in some levels so it isn't too difficult.

New Levels

I have added two new levels which extend from the first section before you are captured by the robots.

In these levels I have been focusing on using physics and animations to make level more dynamic and interactive, some of the alien blobs will are orbiting each other or spinning wist others use physics and can be spun by the player which can either be disorientating or if you use it to your advantage you can use it to give you momentum.

Here is a video of the two new levels:

Whats next?

I am currently working on the model for the drones boss for a boss fight at the end and a new power for the character as well as general fixes.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game!

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