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New graphics, houses changed to new ones, mainmenu fully remade and many features added in the new patch!

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Damnation City of Death Patch version 0.50 is now released!

Here's the patch video.

Dev blog for version 0.50

Graphics have been updated in many places to a more polished version.


Houses now have a constant dark stylized theme. All textures inside the houses have changed and the houses are now generated from floors to give much more variation than before. All assets now follow the theme better as they are more broken and dark. All houses aren't updated yet, but they will be in the next updates.


Main Menu has been remade from the ground up. It uses the latest Unity UI system and it has now a much more polished look and feel. The Menu will be more polished in the next updates.

Screenshot of the updated menuScreenshot of the updated menu

Gas mask is now in the game. It protects you from flying gas clouds. This mask is the first head item, but now as we have the system for the head items we can easily add more!

New gas mask

As the houses have a brand new logic of generating the saving had to be changed so all your old map saves won't work on the new version. The Saving logic is also changed that your game information is now saved in the map file for easier & faster continuing of your old saves. You also can't switch your game mode anymore in saves.

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