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See what graphical changes Wait: Extended had to undergo in comparison to the original version, to become the game we want it to be!

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While working on the original version of Wait for the RPG Maker Contest last year we noticed early on, that we wouldn't have the time to do everything as we wanted to. So several things had to be cut from the original version.

Now we are here doing Wait: Extended, the vision we always had in mind.
And part of that vision has always been an overhaul of the graphics - besides new story lines, more riddles and localization for several languages ;)
So today we will show you a glimpse of what you can expect from Wait: Extended.

Better immersion

Since we don't want to rip the player out of the atmosphere of the game, we brood on how we can achieve a better immersion with the game world.
That's why we completely redesigned all letters, email etc. that the player will find throughout the game.

Warning: Minor Spoilers from the Wait: Extended Demo ahead ;)
If you want to, you can play through it first:

The Email
What has been a simple scrolling text in the original version, is now a compete user interface.

Comparison - Email

The Diary
We created a complete diary with writings and drawn pictures to embed more details for the player.

Comparison - Diary

More Details

While working on Wait: Extended we noticed that when building long hallways or stuff like that in the RGP Maker, the level often look boring. There are hardly any details.
So we created all levels again with more handcrafted graphics.

The Hallway
As you can see, for Wait: Extended we created a lot of little details to make the hallway look more shabby and abandoned.

Comparison - Hallway

This was only a small potion of what we did to enhance the experience in Wait: Extended. There is much more stuff that has been added or reworked, but we hope you liked what we've shown you.

We are excited to read your thoughts about our graphical improvements in the comments! :)

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