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Hello everyone! Gen.Kenobi asked me to make some news about Recuitment so here it is! read below for more info:

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Well it's that time again! GRANS is recruiting! Now for anyone who confused about this let me clarify: Grans productions was brought together by 5 people: Gen.Kenobi, Ruby92, Admiral-165, n5p29, smasherjackson. Each of us has their own mod and we all work on each others mods, but there is only so much we can do without others to help us. Which is why we need your help! as a member of GRANS you can work on only one mod or all if you'd like, it's your choice. Chinese Dominance, my mod, is currently in need of someone who can make good maps, and of course beta-testers for the upcoming beta release of Chinese Dominance. To join click the link and read the instructions (oh no not more reading!).
Thanks for thinking about (and hopefully) applying for GRANS Productions!

GRANS Productions is also steadily growing! we also include other non-GRANS productions mods such as:
Red Alert 3: Southern Rising
Red Alert 3: Conquer and Command
Command and Conquer: Paradox
M.A.F. Mod
and others.
Since this is a new site however there won't be a lot of posts yet, and there is still some bugs to be worked out. so it may seem a bit empty but its not.
a big thanks to Feillyne for making this site as well! Thanks!

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You're welcome. ;-) Good luck!

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