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The Strategy RPG with card mechanics is back with another update! Lots of cool new mechanics, characters, graphical improvements, and more!

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Hey there people! It's Justin here with the first update on Grand Guilds for the year 2018. Ikuzo!

First off, I want to thanks all the people who played our demo and special thanks to those who gave feedback for the game. You've all been a huge help to the improvement of the game.

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We're continuously working on the combat mechanics to make it as fulfilling and in-depth as possible. This month we added a few new mechanics to help with that.

Each of your units now have a Hero Ability. Unlike cards, this ability is always available and you can use it once per turn. Like in Hearthstone, you can use this ability to fill your combos, or simply play it when you run out of good cards.

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Some cards have also been changed for the purposes of encouraging card interactions. For example, Eliza's card Heaven's Blade now deals additional damage to a taunted enemy. So now you may want to taunt an enemy first before using this card.

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Ice lock now gives armor to the stunned enemy (which makes sense since their encased in ice). So you might want to think about how you sequence your attacks.

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As usual, since Grand Guilds is a story-driven game, we've been working with advancing the chapters by making scenes, quests, and encounters. We can't reveal much about the story of course, but here's a GIF of one of the scenes.

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A lot of changes are coming for the game's UI, starting with the deck builder and character screen.

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Well that's it for this update. I hope you found this interesting. Btw, you can still play the free demo here -

Also follow us on social media so you get notified when the game is released!


some pretty cool combat moves

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DrixStudios Author

Thank you! I'm glad you like them

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