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Discover some skills of the knight, druid and archer through new animations.

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In case you missed it, please read our previous news about the bards in Graal Seeker.

3 days left to fund Graal Seeker

Thanks again to our early and upcoming backers! We really appreciate your support! If you have not backed yet, remember that every little pledge is very important to us and helps to focus on our game and to not delay it too much. Also, you can still help Graal Seeker by sharing our project. Help us reach the Graal ;)

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New animations

It's time to show you another progress on our animations. Today, you will discover a fight between the archer and the druid. While the archer is specialized in ranged combat and handles the bow with great dexterity, the druid was raised with the mysteries of magic and science and he is the privileged guardian of faith and the gateway to the gods.

Opponents can take cover behind some background elements but after few level up your archer will have the ability to shoot the covered enemy. In combat, the druid uses magical powers to take advantage over his opponents and to help his allies. The power of the druid is bound to mana which determines the strength and the cooldown of the spells. With experience the druid can learn new skills between the five branches of magic (fire, water, air, earth and aether). If the fire causes substantial damage to the opponent, the water provides effective protection against fire. The skills related to air can amplify or disperse the other spells while the earthbound ones like the shackling spell, immobilize an opponent for a short time. Finally, the aether provides protection and healing of the allies.

The knight is an elite warrior guided by the values of loyalty, courage, and honour. He wields a large number of weapons and he is built for close-combat. You can choose to evolve your knight character with a various range of close combat skills. Some of them will give your knight the efficiency to destroy the armour of your opponents, or increase his damage. Others are more tactical, granting your knight the abilities to force opponents to target him, to stun and interrupt an opponent, or even put an opponent to the ground. A strong knight can make a real difference in combat with his combo attacks. For example, your knight can tackle his opponent to the ground and then use a special combo attack to perform a deadly blow to the grounded warrior. Here is an animation of a stunning attack.

Next devlog video

While I'm working on the next devlog video which I wanted to release before the end of the crowdfunding campaign I'm still stuck in my animations. In this video there will be more ingame footages from the combat. Now I really want to focus on the quality I show, so the video will be delayed a little bit and be released after the campaign.

Greenlight Status

We reached 18% to the top 100. We still need your support to get Graal Seeker on Steam. So if you have not voted yet and want to support us, please do so. Thanks!


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