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Gorescript Alpha Demo comes with a new level and hordes of monsters for you to shoot at. changes in the environment by adding normalmaps to the walls, ceiling and floors, HUD and mouse sensitivity improvements, a scoring system and a timer for all you crazed speed-runners.

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Welcome to another Gorescript update, we’ve got some really cool stuff to show you this time!

Take a close look. Notice anything different?

Gorescript nexus before

Gorescript nexus after

What do you think?

Gorescript pentagram before

Gorescript pentagram after

Want a closer look to decide? Good news for you. Our free alpha just got an update with the new graphics. Download, give it a go and tell us what you think! (Ohh yeah, there is a new level in there as well).

Gorescript ascent_before update

Gorescript ascent_after update

Are you a Youtuber, or a Streamer, a reviewer, an extraterrestrial being of supreme power, all of the above? Would you like to show Gorescript to your audience? Let us know!



Free Alpha Patch notes:

  • A new level was added
  • An option to show/hide the HUD (default is on; note that the HUD is always disabled on Masochistic difficulty regardless of this setting)
  • An option to show/hide a timer for how much time you spent during your current level run (default is off) – Speedrunners delight!
  • Increased the default mouse sensitivity to 0.35 (was 0.2); increased the maximum mouse sensitivity to 4 (was 1).
  • Graphical improvements! Added normal maps to walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Made a couple of changes to the blue key room in the first level for a smoother first-time experience.
  • Added a score system. This score is cumulative across all levels (per save slot) and displayed whenever you complete a level.
  • You can improve your score when replaying a certain level (using the “Level select” menu), either by collecting more random powerups (those marked with a question mark on the automap) or by completing the level in less than 3 minutes. Each second under 3 minutes will improve your score.
  • Various small UI improvements.

Have you played Gorescript? Here you go.

Gorescript free alpha update

Download Gorescript Pre alpha v.3 – Indie DB

And of course a weekly update would not be complete without… another track from Gorescript’s soundtrack.

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