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A new mutation with fixes, visual improvements, and gameplay adjustments has evolved for Goreagulation!

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Goreagulation 1.1 Has Evolved!

Hey again everyone! Goreagulation was released just over a week ago, and has been received extremely well! It has been super rewarding to watch people play Goreagulation, especially after a year of work. That all being said, almost a thousand people have played Goreagulation now, with thousands more having watched it across streams, videos, and Discord plays. Lots of feedback has emerged and whilst I largely wanted to leave Goreagulation be for the time being, I've worked through a significant chunk of the feedback to create a more refined release. Take a read for improvements and if you didn't find all the secrets on your first playthrough, now's a good chance to dig back in!

The changelog is below - with pictures to demonstrate some of the features.


  • Gore1's web displacements could apparently get players stuck, so playerclips have been added to prevent this from happening


  • The skull from squishing the prisoner did not have its telegraphing sprite parented correctly; this is now fixed
  • The prisoner cage has had metal barriers extended to prevent players jumping in and getting stuck
  • The pit ambush sequence has had its anti-fall damage trigger made more reliable
  • Cheese spots in the pit ambush sequence that allowed players to negate the challenge of the pit have now been removed
  • The mashy spike plate above the prisoner's cell has been made much more obviously deadly as some people were pressing the button without really considering the consequences
  • The Meatspinner now spawns in the prisoner's hand immediately after the pit has been cleared to prevent it spawning into his hands in front of the player's eyes
  • The prisoner now hands the Meatspinner more obviously to the player


Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Properly parented skull sprite

Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Prisoner handing off the Meatspinner

Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Really deadly plate


  • The Crossbone has now had a damaged spotlight placed on the ground beside it since some players were walking around the edges of the room instead of seeing the Crossbone in the middle
  • The head pedestal has had some dedicated displacement detailing applied so it looks more stand-out than the previous skull pedestals in Gore2
  • Autosaves have been adjusted at the Gorethedral and the red corridor prior to the ending doors


Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Crossbone improved telegraphing

Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Revised head pedestal detail


  • FPS in the boss room has been somewhat improved by pruning some detail. This is probably as good as it gets folks - it's a gigantic room with tons of displacements, so only so much can be done
  • The shotgunners and zombies in the initial rooms after the first elevator have been swapped so the player is not ambushed by broadsides from two shotgunners
  • An autosave has been adjusted on the staircase up to the Flishtank


Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Swapped NPC positioning


  • Crossbone NPC damage has been increased from 20 base damage to 25
  • Russian subtitles have been added to the game - at this time no Russian voice acting has been implemented
  • Flegg holders have been removed as they were causing crashes due to SMG grenades and decal issues
  • Soldier models have been optimised, reducing the likelihood of fluke crashes from precaching a complicated model
  • Watermelon chunk physics have been improved (HL2's are weird in the first place, but they've been amended in Goreagulation due to the prevalence of Fleggs)
  • Credits have been updated with special thanks to Suxar1x for the Russian translation, and Cpl. Frost for the highest dose of useful post-release feedback
  • The "bonus pack" has been updated with the newest VMFs.


Goreagulation - 1.1 Evolution

Russian subtitles

Thanks everyone! If you've already played the mod, consider giving it another shot and updating your review! If you've not played it yet, now's as good a time as any! Thanks all - another mod now requires my attention, so if you follow the rest of my work, stay tuned!

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