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Good News: Update again in the same day! Plus game annoucment.... PLEASE READ FOR MORE GENRAL SPINNING HEROES BANTER!

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Hay Luke here just to say:
Im staying on the Spinning Heroes project, I jsut wasn't sure what to do. Oh and a special message to Blackdragonstory
To: Blackdragonstory
From: Streamz-Studioz
Subject: KEEP ME INFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if that sounds evil but its the truth, If people carry on with the negative crap I am leaving, I want to start developing my FPS RPG game
OUTSKIRTS us a Post-Apocylptic shooter, there will be a full page soon.
Well thats all I got bye.

mlrh Author

Sorry about spelling mistakes, was in a rush

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I am glad that you are staying...I was scared that the game will fail at the begining.
On that keep me informed we will make a website with forum and there it will bes section for everything we need to do,what is done,sugestions...we just need some time...:D
btw did you send invitation to 0SmooK0 cuz he will make the website:)
PS:Could you answer on my qouestions messages that I send you more frequently!

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Yay! You're remaining xD

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