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It was a long 4 year process working on this game part time, but not anymore.

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It was a long 4 year process working on this game part time, but not anymore.

We’d like to present Neofuturism – a new small game development studio. From now on our game Agent will be in fulltime development and will be published by Fat Dog Games. We're determined to release it on PC but we’ll be looking at other platforms after the initial version is ready.

Why Neofuturism?

We are huge fans of 2 things: old games and old school demoscene. We simply fell in love experiencing their vibe after seeing the logos of Psygnosis, Team 17 and Blue bite but also the unusual demoscene logos like Kefrens, Titan, Paranoid. That feeling though, it’s not only because of the fancy design. It’s because you simple pop it into your computer, run and know that it will be awesome no matter what. With Neofuturism we want to bring you the same feeling.

What is our goal?

How often do you read or hear “we want to create unique games…”? We don’t wanna do that. Tell us why do you enjoy Doom or Worms so much? Because it’s a perfect combination of modern standards and old school mechanics and that’s exactly our goal here. We want to create games where the old meets the new.

So, where is Agent now?

Right now our Game Bible is already huge but we’re expecting it to grow even bigger. We are working on new mechanics, designing and testing better color palette as well as adding more layers to the city. Lo and behold we also have a great musician - seriously, when we heard his offer we were touched. 4 years ago we would have never thought it would look like that today… and now it does).

It would be extra awesome if you guys could like our Facebook page and our publisher’s page here:
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