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Hey I got good news and ive got bad news... what do u want first....

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I got good news and ive got bad news... what do u want first....


I have finished SG unitl the finalisation of this version, which means that ive added everything, coded upgrades etc ready for the release, unfortunatly its taken me about 3 days longer than i expected so i ive lost 3 days worth of work on BSG and SW

Bad news
Due to this delay SW wont even be touched for the ntext release, ive got so much to do to finish BSG that itll take me until curtains up in order to do that

Good news...
I have someone doing the ST side so its well on its way and hasn't been interupted. I will also have a patch for SW making SW work properly about a week after the release, hoepfully, unless something else happens. Arond the start of next month i will probably have the ntext balanced version ready... that said it probably wont be without issues but regardless i intend on taking a few weeks off so that i can reset my brain.... coding, work, coding, work, sleep, coiding work work sleep... its crazy tiring...

Thanks to Zafrin for helping me get this far, and ill be posting a link containing a list of BSG units/heros on my blog once i finish them



Well, its not that bad is it, everything seems to be coming along nicely

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the guy working on star trek knows everything about trek right? if so then that is great that you are able to get him to help ya out

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Spinobreaker Author

as far as i know he does lol

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Still good!

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