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New enemy, level development changes, etc. Lots of huge progress on the mod!

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So there’s good news and bad news, but mostly good. Starting this month, I’m starting my first job as a professional game designer! The downside though is yes, there will be another small delay. We’re no longer targeting the end of this month as our release date, but overall progress has been great. Up until starting work, progress has been very much on schedule and the game is more polished than ever.

Polish has been the main focus of our work for the last few months. Last year we had enough content to have what you could call a “complete” build of the game but ultimately it felt a bit lacking. The art quality was uneven and there wasn’t much in terms of unique moments to remember. So our work lately has been a massive overhaul of basically every inch of the mod, leading to far more unique and memorable levels.

Old vs new!



Along with improvements to the visual quality of the mod, we’ve been at work figuring out ways to make small memorable beats without relying on awkward puzzles that slow down the pace of the game.

We’ve also gotten some game elements we’ve been considering finally online, including a revamped charger model and a manual save station.



Inhuman is meant to be a game that rewards smart play over the long term, going for a “survival action” type of feeling that gets undermined by constant quick saves. Tests of the game’s damage levels and resource availability are still ongoing to make sure this isn’t frustrating, but it will definitely be more of a challenge than your usual Half-Life 2 mod.

The Charger, like the Suppressor, is a Half Life Alyx port that has been touched up a bit to fit the pacing of Inhuman’s combat. He moves a bit faster and doesn’t utilize the old energy shield, basically functioning as the one true “pressure” variant of Combine soldiers. While basically every other soldier prioritizes staying safe, the Charger is constantly gonna be coming after you.

If you want more behind the scenes content along with articles I’ve been writing on my process you can check out my patreon:

You can follow the dev team here:

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Aynekko - - 683 comments

The location seems "cleaner" because of textures on the newer screenshot and it does look much better this way imo! Great work so far

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SweetRamona - - 5,159 comments

A bit sad to see this get delayed again (then again I've come to expect that usually happens with mods), but I'm happy that you've gotten a job in video game development! ^,^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
theredmenace_ - - 260 comments

Holy moley. This looks awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
naryanrobinson - - 649 comments

Man I'd love to see those weapons exported by themselves later
for base Half-Life 2 and other maps.

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ComfortJones Author
ComfortJones - - 95 comments

Well the models are freely available, just look up Juniez Half-Life 2.

If you mean animations, yeah that should be easy for anyone to rip once it's up.

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Mr.Stukov - - 50 comments

Good luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
atexga - - 57 comments

i think you should revamp the supressor model

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leevee123 - - 118 comments

mmm this is a very talent filled mod

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Bingus9999 - - 11 comments

This is honestly brilliant! The good news heavily outweighs the bad news. I'm glad you've gotten yourself a snazzy job and I'm very pleased to see the gameplay heavily leaning towards smarter, survival-oriented play. Save stations will do this game a great service; I'm sure of it! Good goin', king!

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Issung - - 9 comments

Congrats on the job mate! Do great things!

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SweetMelon - - 57 comments

May this still be alive. ^^

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