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I talk about the development of this mod some more.

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hi, I've been hard at work on this mod, and I have a few things to show for it, first of all I sadly wasn't able to add real-time reflections, after countless tries, it just wont work, now for the good news, I finally figured out how to add real-time lights check it out!

new lighting

Portal Remastered   Direct3D 9 1

Portal Remastered   Direct3D 9 2

you also don't need to worry about performance or file size issues, for one, I average about 200-300 fps and my pc can't even run portal rtx, and the file size is also reduced, chamber zero went from 7.5MB to just 5MB.

anyway, that is all I have to showcase for now in this new update, expect a demo release sometime in the near future.

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