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So, hello to all who follow the project! I have some not very pleasant news for you!

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First on all, "Useless Soul" now is my new project, which I will do in RPGMaker (MV version), and "Messiah" has become a full-fledged project, and will combine all things I had done to "Useless Soul" as for the old version. There will be completely new story as well as all of its contents, in general. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

- First, I do not like incredible amount of bugs and glitches of crappy editor, and most importantly - it took me some fucking years to finally realize - Editor just annoying, and can not meet even half of my ideas. This editor does not suit to ME. It's broken, it's crashes, It have a lot of bugs, but I have to admit that some people make an excellent mods with it. Does this make the editor an absolute crap? No. But it does not oblige me to love him.

- Secondly, the composer leave the project and also man, who voiced the main hero. So, as his character was an important link in the old story, and if with the second person i have my personal flaws, then about a first one I'm not so sure.

Whatever it was, I'm not going to invite new people to the project, or ask to return old ones. I will try to do everything with my own hands, and even if I can not once again to finish it to the end, then at least there definitely will be map pack and a text document with the plot, which will explain everything to you.

Finally I want to say that I am taking my laptop to repair in a few days, so that I can make mod exceptionally on breaks at work. As you can imagine, this greatly slow down the development process, but I can't do anything about it. I had to think about buying a normal PC a long time ago.

In general, I am very grateful to all those who have followed the project and those who are still coming back to a page to see updates! I am very grateful to you! Thanks to all and everyone!

Dmitry Fox

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