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Post Endor: 7 ABY-The Death Star has been destroyed and the empire has crumbled. It seems that the alliance had won. But as the New Republic slowly takes over the galaxy and gain their footing as the next intergalactic authority, a new faction will arise from the shadows. Imperial Remnant and Mandalorian allies have convened on Tatooine and began operating under the secret code name of the Gonk Cult and began enlisting local Tatooine citizens to aid them in an uprising against the Republic.

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-this era mod is about the cult of the power droid's uprising against the iron fist of the New Republic -The gonk soldier has a two burst gun (similar to EA fronts A280 rifle (the rifle kind of sucks atm.))
-Sniper rifles are basically one hit kill (regardless of area hit) but needs to be reloaded after every hit
-The rebellion has reskinned sides to be more reflective of new republic soldiers (source: Mandalorian)
-Gonk side now has a gonk watch soldier which takes the place of the dark trooper. He comes with a flamethrower as primary weapon and jango fett blaster as secondary
-The new republic hero currently is general han solo. He has a beard.
-The gonk hero is sith gonk acolyte (gonk with lightsaber)
- Bothan also receives a orbital strike
- Numerous skin changes
-Numerous weapon tweeks
-new cp icon for the gonks -name changes

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