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Weapon Packs are almost complete. But Singleplayer are still WIP.

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The Goldeneye Doom: Reloaded mod... yes, it's still WIP (Mostly the Singleplayer, and it difficult to say something so...).

So, here the update reports:

Firstly, Weapons Pack are almost complete:

007 Weapon V2 UP

Also, feature new Weapon: The Brown PP7

It's the exact same as the KF7 ROF & Damage but badly in Ammos, it's use PP7 Ammo Type

NOTE:This Weapon does not exist in Goldeneye 007, It's a custom weapon add to the first Weapons Pack mod.


Secondly, 3 Singleplayer Maps (a.k.a Demo Version) can take a month to finish:

I sometimes too lazy to making maps because all maps were made by my own hands, and it's difficult to make a perfect maps with out to complex maps. But don't worry... It's half-complete :)

Finally, the first Weapons Pack will release after I complete some incomplete stuff (Fist & Knife Sprite Design will mostly put to the second Weapons Pack mod)

That all of it...

(Im not hurry at this stage so... yeah. I pretty half-stupid at writing because I really need to think before write this post, forgive me...)


The grips of the Silver, Gold and Brown PP7s look weird, like the bottom is bending to the left.

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Great work and all for the weapons.
But i don´t understand the sentence "I sometimes too lazy to making maps".
This is based on that old Doom Goldeneye Mod, right?
Aren´t there already all maps there?

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NHGVN Author

-"But i don´t understand the sentence "I sometimes too lazy to making maps"": Well... I too lazy to making maps.
-"This is based on that old Doom Goldeneye Mod, right?": Yes
-"Aren´t there already all maps there?": Only first one complete, second one still Incomplete, third and other are later...

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