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A hi-res pixel art metroidvania with juicy destruction and a thrilling, timeline-twisting story! Monoplex Studios and ClickteamLLC are proud to present Golden Hour, A hi-res pixel art metroidvania with juicy destruction and a thrilling, timeline-twisting story! Featuring gameplay rooted in the 16 bit era with new twists and features.

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Golden Hour goes Kickstarter!

After death of king Faragon and the end of Lindgren family reign, the four provinces of the Heratos kingdom are about to break out a war as the four kings want the reign of the whole kingdom for themselves.

Our hero, eighteen year old Arion, gets drafted for a skirmish at the Idessa mine. What seemed to be a mild encounter between two provinces, actually turned into a massive battle for an important strategic spot - as the kings of the remaining two provinces sent in their armies as well.

At one point, the mine starts to collapse, and only four people, including Arion, survive, getting trapped, without weapons, food, sources of light or a way out. Arion, Lazar,Venegor and Rhea, hopelessly trapped for hours, realize they're better off trying to cooperate in finding a way out than killing each other. As they improvise a torch and light a fire, they notice a funny coincidence - they were all carrying a same item in different forms - a fourth of an orb, as a necklace, brooch, pocket watch and a buckle. They join the orbs, summoning a mystic spirit; The spirit shows them a prophecy, warning them what will happen if events continue to unfold this way and a war breaks out: It shows that a fifth side will use the kingdoms weakness to invade all of Heratos; but more importantly, other than a catastrophic war, they each see a devastating personal tragedy. After a handful of rage, denial, cinism and convincing, they agree to abandon their lives, unite and try to stop the war.


- Unravelling story following a main quest and many tangled side-quests
- RPG leveling system including four primary and many secondary skills to improve your battle, platforming, crafting and other possibilities
- Explore a world composed of beautiful hi-res pixel art
- Destructive environment with special effects and realistic physics
- Use your enviroment in battle!
- 4 bindable quick action slots
- Over 30 spells whose power depends on players levels and skills
- Variety of melee and ranged weapons
- Game-altering items and equippables such as potions, magic jewelry, shields and armor
- Dynamic music following the mood of the game events
- Procedurally generated biomes and dungeons

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