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In this first news post I'd like to take the opportunity give some more info about the project, its features and the team.

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The project

Wonderful Life is a short and experimental art game about the goal oriented society we live in. The aim of the game is to have the player realize that if he's only trying to reach for more and more without understanding what he has right now, he won't truly understand or see his world. No Unreal assets will be used in the game, everything will be custom made; from gameplay, audio, visuals, controls, down the to the menu.


  • Handdrawn game objects combined with realistic character models
  • Non-linear Generative music
  • Methaphors
  • Symbolism


The game is my graduation project (Game Design and Development, Utrecht School of the Arts), since it's my first Unreal Mod and of significant scale, I'm therefore collaborating with colleagues, fellow students and friends. In random order, the team consists of: Than van Nispen tot Pannerden, Dax Erken, Marcin Sarnowicz, Sander de Putter, Martijn Proost, Kenny Wood, and myself; Thomas Papa.

We will have a playable version of the game by the end of this month (June), which will also be examinated by my school, and a final version ready by August.

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