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The future of System Recovery might involve proper team effort

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Where do I begin? Maybe an awkward rhetorical question will do.

It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing an article for SR once more, despite the notable silence since my last couple of articles. (finally!) There's little I can say in defence for the lack of communication - aside from not wanting to repeat what I've already said... the main reason for lack of progress has been a total shift towards my job, where I've been working for just over a year and a half now.

System Recovery still has a notable amount of work left to be done to become a full game -- sadly it's nearly impossible for me to perform major development on two different projects at once. I'm still technically a contractor working on a seperate project, but things are looking positive enough for me to start planning ahead alongside working on the present. Speaking of which...

There is a possibility that System Recovery could get a proper published release. It became clear to me that I would have bled dry trying to release System Recovery on my own. I don't know the first thing about building public relations, advertising or how to run a business. All I had was a dream, the patience and support of family, and a lot of free time to spend on building something that would end up being a portfolio for a game dev job application - and so it was.
But I'm not going to discard the very thing that brought me to this point, which is why I'm happy to share some great news about the game.

On multiple occasions I have discussed the possibility of taking up System Recovery together with my contractee/partner for a proper game release. There is a definite interest going on, though it remains to be seen what we decide on when the time comes to choose our next project(s). We're currently involved with two games, both of them close to release, which means we'll find out relatively soon where System Recovery is headed in the near-ish future.

The implications of this published release would mean I would be able to provide a much more streamlined and constant workflow dedicated entirely to the game (with frequent communication), while having decent quality assurance to make sure it ends up being a great game, not to mention that with additional players, the multiplayer and steam workshop scene would become much more alive!

That's roughly as much as I can say for now - I'll let you know when some decisions have been made.


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