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New items, enemy variants, map objects, buildings, challenges, secrets, and even a new hidden leader character to discover and unlock! Update 1.3 is out now!

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Major New Features, Content and Improvements!

The development of Update 1.3 is finally complete and available on Steam and This ended up taking much longer than I'd hoped due to a variety of things but its finally done. 1.3 introduces all kinds of new features as well as a great number of improvements to the core gameplay. There are new items, enemy variants, map objects, buildings, challenges, secrets, and even a new hidden leader character to discover and unlock! Read on ahead to take a look at what this update has to offer.


Salvageable objects can be found around the map, they range from rock outcroppings, to ancient weapons, to piles of rubble. Your followers can be assigned to break these down over time and claim rewards. Different objects offer different rewards, so be sure to poke around and see what you can find. Breaking them down can also take quite awhile in some cases, so it's usually best to leave some followers working on it while you do other things. If something comes up and you need to quickly recall all your followers there's even a new function in the command menu to cancel all in-progress excavation work.

Rock Smashing

Rocks like this yield chunks of ore which can be harvested for Materials

Whats old is new!

New leader buildings have been added to both the Sage and the Forgemaster! A new chapel add-on allowing the assignment of Paladins has been added to the Sage and explosive Aether Mines have been added to the Forgemaster along with a new upgrade to go with them. Paladins are tough melee fighters that buff nearby allies with a shield effect while they fight. Aether Mines cost very little Material per mine so they're a good use for any excess Aether you may have, when upgraded they even have a chance to persist after detonating.

New Buildings

Forgemaster balance changes

Forgemaster has received some tweaking to his units as well. His wave of endless Forge units made it a bit too easy to win in defensive situations and they tended to die too quickly when fighting away from base. Overall they're much tougher when upgraded but don't spawn nearly as quickly by default. Gearchanters have also received a small buff to their healing. Lastly Spikes are now a bit tougher but can no longer be healed while in combat, so you may not want to place them in vulnerable spots.

Follower AI improvements

Combat and Healer AI for followers has been greatly improved. Priests should spend less time running into danger chasing after distant wounded, however that means you have to manage their placement a bit more closely now. Likewise, soldiers will no longer go after targets solo but will instead always alert their nearby comrades and those at their assigned rally point when they spot a target. They also know not to wander too far when chasing fleeing targets. Settlers should also now pick which side of buildings to repair much more intelligently, resulting in less settlers running outside walls to repair them.

Attack Orders have also been changed in relation to AI. Now, when you issue an Attack Order your followers will completely prioritize the highlighted target, they won't stop attacking that single target until it's dead or you call them back. While this is good for focusing down specific targets make sure you manage your troops closely or they may end up in a vulnerable spot.

The small reticle indicates the priority target

Whats else is new?

Several new items, rare traits, and enemy variants have been added, some old items have been reworked as well. Hard mode has been reworked to be more interesting and fair. Threat levels no longer increase more quickly in hard mode but enemies have all new skills and abilities at their disposal. That last clip in the short trailer up above is an example of one of these new Hard Mode enemy skills. Idols also have several new rewards to offer. In addition, an item catalog has been added to the codex. In it you can view an item's description as well as some additional lore about the world. Every item will be cataloged here, so you can easily see if there are any items you've never found before.

A Final Note

Of course this isn't all that's been added, this is the largest update that Gods of the Fallen Land has ever received. There are many small and large improvements and additions all around. There's a new keybinding menu, a new and improved mini map, and a whole new character with their own set of buildings and units. However you can take a look at the full update notes below for more information.

Before that though I want to thank everyone who has supported Gods of the Fallen Land, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. This will probably be the last major update of this scale as I want to fully move on to new projects, but I hope I can see you there in the future.

Version 1.3 Update Notes

New Content and Features

  • A new leader character, unlockable through using a certain item in a specific place in new games.
  • Salvageable objects are now scattered around maps, followers can be assigned to break these down over time and claim different resources from them.
  • ”Aether Mine” buildable and upgrade added to Forgemaster
  • ”Chapel Barracks” building added to Sage, allows the assignment of Paladins
  • Sage upgrade "Take up arms!" replaced with new upgrade, “Advanced Tactics”
  • Tips added to loading screen
  • Improved and expandable minimap, points of interest will now remain marked on your map once you’ve seen them once, even if they’re out of view.
  • Added severe weather: Thunderstorms and Blizzards
  • Added Command that can designate rocks for destruction to clear space
  • Added Command that cancels all Excavation work
  • Item Catalog added to Codex menu, displays all previously collected items, their descriptions, and additional info
  • Manually destroying unfinished buildings now refunds the building resources
  • New Items added
  • New Enemy Gear added
  • Idol offering rewards added and modified
  • Rare Follower Traits added
  • Map type can now be manually selected from the new game menu
  • Guide tab added to Info Log, will give you suggested actions for the first few in game days.
  • Reworked Hard Mode,
  • Removed faster threat scaling
  • Added new enemy abilities
  • Key rebinding added to options menu
  • 4K display support(Untested)


  • Sage charged attack will now auto fire when fully charged.
  • Digging speed for haulable objects now scales based on its weight.
  • Gather rate slowed for Harvesters and Auto-Harvesters
  • Gatherers now move slower when carrying Materials
  • Build speed slowed for most buildings
  • Selecting a unit will now clear the ‘Panic’ effect
  • Combat followers idle or assigned to a rally point will now much more effectively share their targets, this should stop units from charging out into groups of enemies on their own
  • Combat followers idle or assigned to a rally point now have hard limit to how far they’ll go chasing a target before coming back.
  • Selecting or calling a unit will now cancel fleeing behavior
  • Units will now prioritize targets near the center of an attack order when its issued, ignoring enemies closer to them.
  • Excavators will now automatically collect nearby haulable objects around the area they were assigned, this is marked with a flag.
  • Healers will no longer wander far from their idle/rally point chasing heal targets
  • Unit spawn speed for Forge buildings slowed significantly
  • Aether costs for building upgrades raised
  • Aether Spikes can no longer be repaired in combat unless ‘Aether Overcharge’ is active
  • HP of upgraded Iron Troops increased significantly
  • HP of upgraded Clay Soldiers increased
  • Skirm Hound enemy attack animation slowed
  • Skirm Hound enemy direct damage lowered
  • Skirm Hound enemy will be stunned and slowed if they take damage while attacking
  • Skirm Hound enemy can now only use 1 Firebomb per unit on Normal, down from 2
  • Golems can now be repaired by Settlers and Gearchanters when out of combat
  • Skeleton Archer’s arrows are now slightly less accurate
  • Lowered chance of weather specific enemies spawning at low threat levels
  • Map generation tuned to provide a more consistently stable starting point
  • ’Lifeglass Cross’ item changed from consumable item to cooldown based item, existing versions of this item in save files will remain consumables.
  • Added building cap to walls and gates
  • When pathing to buildings followers will now check the closest side first, this should prevent cases where followers run outside the walls to repair them
  • Item drop rate lowered for many basic enemies
  • Idol dormant period removed
  • Addon buildings now lose their functionality when disconnected from their corresponding building
  • Shade spawn patterns improved


  • Skeleton walk animation updated
  • Aether Spikes no longer emit smoke when damaged
  • Shield buff visuals tweaked
  • Snow map background altered for visibility
  • Optimized ‘Adv Shadows’ Setting
  • Certain animations now scale with speed/slow effects
  • Resolution option added for game scaling with 4k displays (Untested)
  • Resolution can now be manually changed in fullscreen mode, however this is not recommended for most users
  • Particle density for smaller objects lowered, should help visibility and performance when many objects are on the field
  • Improved consistency of weather effects while moving
  • Added new title screens
  • Other improvements


  • Changed icon displayed over Harvest marker
  • Harvestable materials are now highlighted when placing a Harvest marker or Material collection building
  • When selecting the location for an addon building the nearest building it can be connected to is now outlined
  • All Status Effects now display icons
  • Status effect icons are now colored based on whether they are positive or negative, and whether they are applied to allies or enemies.
  • Added informational text when the mouse is hovering over an assignable object
  • Items are now color coded based on rarity
  • Gate rotate key changed to ‘V’ by default.
  • All units that can not change jobs will now display a lock icon next to their job on the Follower Info menu
  • Added a limited Options menu to pause screen, full options menu must be accessed from the title screen
  • Other general improvements


  • Fixed ‘Jittering’ of some in-field UI elements
  • Fixed several in-field UI elements being rendered incorrectly at night, improves visibility of some UI elements at night.
  • General Optimizations
  • Fixed issue where assignment reticle would not disappear when hovering over non-assignable buildings
  • Fixed issue where Monster Den guards weren’t being loaded properly causing excess spawning when loading a game
  • Fixed building job assignment bar showing when units following can not change jobs
  • Fixed several buggy menu interactions when objects were selected for use
  • Fixed issue where Skirm Hound enemy attack animation would complete instantly
  • Fixed building outlines showing while a building destruction animation played
  • Fixed incorrect text displaying if the the crystal was destroyed in certain events
  • Fixed several objects generating outside map boundaries
  • Fixed issue where boss enemies could become stuck
  • Fixed Bishops assigning themselves to the wrong building if their home building is destroyed
  • Fixed other minor issues
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