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It's been three months since the last update regarding our free browser game Gods & Minions. High time to show you what we have been working on!

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Gods & Minions - free browser strategy game
Just in case you missed our introductory post: Gods & Minions (G&M) is a free, browser based strategy game with some RPG elements. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world where several tribes struggle for ultimate kingship. Towering above these tribes are the Gods and their respective Elements. In the beginning of the game, you choose one of these elements to be your primary one. This will influence your overall playing style as well as available tribes and spells. But the choice does not ultimatively dictate how to play, as players will be able to unlock the other elements at a later stage as well.

Elements & Tribes
One of the things we have been working on in the past months, was fleshing out the Elements and their starting tribes. There will be one tribe for each element at the beginning of the game (to be introduced later), with the possibility to add more via content patches later on. The five elements on the other hand, will always stay the same, all tribes, spells, monsters and stuff are derived from them. This is the selection screen that the players see at the beginning of the game (work in progress):

Element Selection

Loot & Rewards
Next, we added a loot, level up and reward system to the game. As well as started working on a achievement system. These systems work similar to the ones you see in common free-to-play games. But please note that G&M is NOT free-to-play, its free. Just free. Thats it (we care about monetization later and would like to build a really cool game first). But the mechanics like achievements and daily login-rewards are interesting and fun, so we decided to add them to the game:

Reward System

The World Map
As G&M is all about warfare and the tatical movement of armies, we also started working on the worldmap. Gods & Minions uses a lose, node-based map system and not a tile or grid system. That gives us a bit more freedom to add stuff later and makes the distribution of objects a little bit more dynamic.

There will be different kind of objects on the map, like the players Magetowers. But also special terrain locations and neutral dungeons that can be raided in order to get artefacts and loot. As you can see below, the map system is still WIP - we plan to exchange the icons soon. We are also working on a system to spice up the map a bit by adding clouds, rain and a day/night cycle.

After all, G&M is a traditional, oldschool browser game. It utilizes common web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), PHP and a mySQL database. So there are no fancy frameworks like Unity and such involved. This makes the game look much more simple, but also reduces the resource overhead and allows G&M to be played on virtually any device on the planet.

Gods & Minions is grand scale warfare in your browser, created by a indie group of both pro's and amateurs working on the project in every spare minute. Its a project of passion that puts content and high-quality fantasy artworks above 3d effects or visual blatancy.

Thanks for being with us!

(Gods & Minions project lead)

Map System WIP

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