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Grab your mana relics, fasten your robes belt and don't forget your wizards hat: Time to explain our upcoming debut project Gods & Minions (Online) in detail!

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Hey Folks, We thought it is about time to explain what Gods & Minions is all about. So here we go, a detailled overview about the gameplay of our upcoming browsergame:

Gods & Minions is an oldschool, strategy RPG taking place in a dark fantasy world. The game itself can be played directly on any web-browser, any device and therefore (almost) any location of the planet. There is no download and the technical requirements have been kept low, so everyone can easily enjoy this game. Of course, this easy accessibility influences the games design at whole - as Gods & Minions is a rather slow-paced and laid-back game for casuals and core players as well.

The readers who are familiar with browser-games like oGame ( and the thematic of the card game Magic: the Gathering ( will have quite a good picture of Gods & Minions (G&M) by combining the two examples. Although I have to add, that G&M is NOT a card game - it shares a similar background theme like Magic and uses "cards" to display some gameplay components. It's a visual thing, thats all.

Three Minions from 3 of the 5 starting tribes found in the game

So, in G&M you take the role of a uprising Demiurge ( striving for power and dominance over a dark, moody and medieval fantasy world referred to as Ascendallion. On your quest for ultimate power, bizarre creatures obbey your will as you train and upgrade them in order to wage war. These creatures are your "Minions" and each one of them is aligned to one of the Elements and one of the Tribes that inhabit the world. As all the Minions you can field are part of huge tech-tree, the game makes heavy use of set-collection mechanics by inviting you to find and upgrade all of them. But as there are tons of choices, you won't be able to acquire all Minions at once - at least not very quick - so you have to make a decision. Do you focus on Fire, Water or Earth? What about Light and Darkness? Do you want to explore the Minions of a single element until you have access to their most powerful followers or do you branch out to follow multiply path's? Build a mighty fortress based entirely on "Darkness" or combine "Fire" with "Water" and "Earth" in any way you like - the decision is yours!

The resources required in order to build a powerful horde of Minions are referred to as "Mana". Special "Nexus" cards provide valueable Mana that comes elemental flavors as well. In order to summon Minions of a specific element, you require exactly the same kind of mana. But your Nexus cards are just one way to gain it, there is another one: Raids!

Mana Nexus are required to provide you with valueable Mana Stones

Once you have assembled a army of Minions, its time to attack your opponents. That can be real opponents (the other players) or neutral "Dungeons". No matter what your target is, combat is always automatic (as typical to browser based games). First you select the troops for your attack, next you deploy them and finally you have to wait a little while until they return (hopefully with lots of mana and loot). The core mechanic of G&M is micro-managing your armies in order to beat even the most powerful enemies: Shall I attack with a pure "Fire" army? Shall I add some cavalry? Shall I add some wizards? Do I require missile troops? These and many other questions must be answered in order to build the powerful army. This aspect can be compared to the "deck building" process found in many trading card games (like Magic: The Gathering as mentioned earlier). But beware: There is no perfect army (deck), as each opponent and every situation demands a different solution.

After the battle, when your Minions return home - they should have raided lots of Mana that you can use to improve both your Fortress and your Minions. This is done by buying additional "cards" (every object in the game looks like a card). In the beginning there will be just Resource-Cards, Minion-Cards and Relic-Cards (a kind of trophy). But we are already working on lots of other card types to expand the game.Expansions are typical for trading card games and we like that aspect so much, that we decided to use it for G&M as well. Therefore we plan to have regular expansions that contain new cards. But not enough, each expansion will also feature a brand new card type, widening the scope of the game. One of the card types that will be introduced later (if you have not guessed it yet) will be the Gods themselves!

Some of the Relics you can find and collect throughout the game

Gods & Minions will be a free game, although we aim to monetize it via ads and premium content. We like the slogan "fair-to-play" as "free-to-play" got a bitter aftertaste. Yes, you will be able to buy "treasure chests" for real money. But it won't make you super-powerful and the game won't be designed around spending money. We won't punish players who don't like to spend money on it. Instead, you will be able to acquire all premium content by playing the game as well - but buying a "treasure chest" might reduce the amount of "daily grind" that you have to do in order to get it. We are big fans of the good old "shareware system": Cheap games designed by indie's that are sold around 10-15 USD. When you pay, say 3 times for premium content in G&M, that equals exactly those 10-15 USD - and we let our players decide if they want to spend it and when they want to spend the money. We are not pushing our players, we deal with them at eye level.

Last but not least I would like to add, that 1manstudio is a entirely self-funded and self-published indie games development studio. We have neither a game nor a name on the market yet and strive to occupy a very special niche in the global games market. Being independent always means working on a budget as well, despite that fact we focus on outstanding artwork, polished interface and a "cool" game that is just "fun" to play.

Gods & Minions comes without bells and whistles, there is no fancy 3d, no shaders, no animations (at least not many) and almost no modern technology. This is not our intend, what we like to achieve is a "playable art project" - one that will knock your socks off!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates!
Yours-Tobias ( /

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