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After month of non-news, first details of Dragon and Weed 2, will be reveal for Christmas.

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For those who don't know what is Dragon & Weed 2, here's a litte presentation.
Dragon & Weed 2: Gears of Duty, is a 2D action/infiltration indie game. He's developped by a French production, but will be of course translated to english.

D&W 2 is the sequel of Black Ghost OPS (2.0), my first indie game. The story was quite simple and you can download the game on CNET.
Please Note that BGO is the first games developped by my production, so the quality is not the best.

By the way Gears of Duty (D&W 2) will have first feature on the french website Canardpc and in the official new monthly magazine of the production Otaku-Geek Magazine.

All this to say, these informations will be of course release on D&W 2's IndieDB page.
To finish here's a new stanby box art for D&W 2 (not the final one).

That's all for today, see you the 25th ;)

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