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We took a good break. Now we are gearing up for the 1.0.

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Hello everybody, and I apologize for the lack of news. Most of the mod team has been busy with real life (which is not Star Wars), myself included. Now that I have completed my Eagle Scout project, I can focus on the mod again.
We have seen several complaints on certain parts of the mod, and I am scrambling to fix others. The factions and units are the first things that will be focused on completing. Next will be the GC aspect- it will be deepened into an awesome experience, rather than a dull build-and-take.
The new factions are the Desiliic Hutt clan, and Black Sun, if you missed our last news releases. Coming out after the 1.0 will be at least one new faction. Don't get too excited; we actually need a 1.0 to put it in. But no one else (to my knowledge) has used the faction I have in mind, though it is extremely prevalent in post-GCW canon. Mostly in Zahn's books, if memory serves. Not anything Thrawn or Chiss or Empire related, but more centered around information.
We will try to inform you all on progress coming up; until then, keep playing!

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