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I am writing about goals and thoughts about the game, what game engine I use and why. How far I have come in the progress and what I am developing right now.

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Greetings fellow indieDB'ers out there! This is the first news I post here at indieDB and I'm thrilled to share the progress of Faces of Agony with you guys. I will try to keep the posts interesting and consistent.
To begin with I will post some Q&A about the game.

Why Unity?

When the release of Unity 5, they released a personal edition of the engine with all the pro features, FOR FREE! That's awesome. I have also worked with Unity before and I think it's a really neat engine. It supports multiple platforms and even I can do some coding in it as well even if I mostly work with graphics and everything else.

When will you release the game?

As for now there is a long way left before it's done. I started from scratch for about a year ago with idéas and content spread all over, now it's looking more like a game. But I will tell you, if you guys like what you see and let me know it, it sure will be developed faster. :D I'm doing almost everything by myself, but I will get some help with the coding from a programmer that I have known like forever.

Will it be free?

Yes! This is something I work on in my spare-time, and when it's done I want as many people as possible to enjoy it.

What I'm working at for the moment:
Right now I'm planning the story and events in the game and doing the 3D-modeling of all the assets of the town. The town will be rather large. I plan to make a demo as soon as I get the inventory functioning properly. I will probably write about the inventory next time and hopefully get some input from you indieDB people, that would be helpful!

Until the next time, have a nice day!

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