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da return! yes gomod is under recreation right now

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first of all sorry for my bad english, im argentinean :/

Go-Mod: Reborn is an Remake of old gomod discontinued +12 years ago, previusly in 2020 with my disbanded team Half-Life Geneartion Alert Team we make an "fan update" called Go-Mod: Beta Two Custom, so i decided to trash this old project cause is very unestable and the source code is an continuation of the old gomod source code that is over broked

so i decided recreate from scratch gomod in the actual VS 2022 fpr an work more stable.

what the mod add?

well here an list of what add at the moment and i recreated/port from original gomod:

1- Physgun (in options you have an key for bind grapple and gravity gun at the moment)

2- All Npcs spawneable with ally and enemy options (AI disable/enable not works at the moment)

3- Opossing Force some Npcs and Race X, (enable race x in create server: game options

4- HL Weapons Menu with the complete armory

5- Noclip (in key options you have to set an button for hold it) (aslo here you can open command menu xD)

6-Imgui System + chapter select menu for play in any chapter of half life

7- hl2 likely view anims (of gomod 3.c)

8- Customizable HUD colors (play with hud_red, hud_green and hud_blue in console)

9- and much more

NOTE 1: in case you have precached problems when an npcs button after enabled them in multiplayer new game settings the solve is recreate the game again (cause the game need be refrreshed)

NOTE 2: the cursor disappear in mplayer, yes in the main gamemode lol, that can make you angry touch menus and stuff on pause, sorry


-RangerC and HLMODDER (original creators of gomod)

-Chernobyl_Luck (me xd)

-User47 (creator of Gomod 3.C)

-BlueNightHawk (my friend and creator of physgun system and imgun chapter select)

-Solokiller (op4-updated and hl-updated SDK)

-TWHL community (for help me in some things), (yup great people)

-the rotten piece of cake that I have here on my computer desk from days ago that helped me while developing this remake (the first days cause i cant eat now lol)

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