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GMod Tower is a project comprised of many different unique gamemodes hoping to build a diverse community. After about eight months of work (and two years of planning), GMod Tower is finally ready to be played by the public.

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GMod Tower is a project comprised of many different unique gamemodes hoping to build a diverse community. After about eight months of work (and two years of planning), GMod Tower is finally ready to be played by the public.

Essentially, the server (or tower) acts as a base for all the gamemodes it contains. You are not limited to one type of gameplay. The community forms what makes the tower interesting and the community controls how it's ran.

In the tower, you will have access to personal suites, stores (for upgrading), a whole batch of unique gamemodes, and more.

The server unlocks at 8PM (US Eastern) tonight!

IP: (

Download the addon pack now to avoid the wait when you connect to the server:

Additional Download Mirror

MacDGuy - Project leader and visionary.
- Nican - Coding leader and director.
- AzuiSleet - Coder.
- Sunabouzu - Handles mapping and modeling.
- Spacetech - Lua coding efforts.
- Dragon90101 - Models miscellaneous objects for the tower.
- Bigboy897 (Thomas) - Beta tester.
- Nuggets - GMod Tower server host
- Syphen - Beta tester.
- Margerine - Pays for and manages the forums.

How do these personal suites work?
- The hotel contains 15 identical suites. To check-in, you will need to talk to the NPC lady to obtain your room. The lady will inform you of your room number and your possessions and upgrades will be loaded into the mentioned suite.

How do I stop people from invading my suite?
- Only you, the owner, can open or close your suite's door. No one can get in unless you let them in. We'll have a "privacy mode" for even more protection. When a suite has privacy mode activated, anyone who enters that suite (other than the owner) will be instantly teleported outside into the hallway.

These systems are 99% foolproof, but it's up to you to remember to turn them on. If someone manages to mess up your suite, it's purely your problem. You can still contact admins about the issue, but there will probably be nothing we can do.

You can also upgrade your security to a Hula turret that shoots down everyone who dares to trespass. Don't mess with the Hula girl, she's got big guns and not afraid to use them.

What can we do in the suites?
- The suite is, first and foremost, a place to store your junk. You can only carry a few essential items in your inventory, so this is where you dump the rest of it.

You will have the ability to purchase upgrades for your suite. There will also be some interactive features. Various items will do different things - sleeping in your bed will heal you, for example. You can watch YouTube videos on the TV.

We also feature a Shoutcast enabled radio, where you and others in your suite can listen to various internet radio feeds in-game. We're quite proud of it.

What is outside of the tower? Cities, another tower, or/and houses?
- In later builds we plan to add an outside plaza with access to the pool on the side. Don't hold your breath, though.

Will the shops be controlled by Lua or humans?
- Lua. We can't allow humans to handle our economy, just look at how US's economy is declining. Silly humans.

What kind of items can we buy/find?
- Depends on the store. Each gamemode will have a little shop next to it that controls its own upgrades (like new weapons for PVP Battle). As for the Entertainment Plaza, we'll have two stores. One for suite upgrades and one for basically anything we can imagine.

What kinds of upgrades are going to be featured?
- For suites, we'll have furniture and appliance upgrades. For pllayer models, there will be hats.

Sounds like this tower is pretty large. How do we move around? What about changing servers?
You can easily travel around the tower using teleporters.

To join a gamemode you press on the queue panel to enter yourself in the current waiting queue. You can go anywhere in the tower while you wait for the gamemode to open up. When it's time for you to join the gamemode, you'll recieve a message confirming your connection. Everything will be saved, don't worry.

When server swapping, what happens if the other server is full?
As stated above, you'll be entered into a waiting queue until a slot opens up.

How does the chat system work?
- You talk to other players using the chat button, same as always. The difference is you can set a filter to decide who will receive the message. You have a choice of sending the message to everyone on the server (server chat), to everyone in your group (group chat), or to a specific player (private messaging)

Floor 1 - General
- Lobby: A place where you can talk and sit around, all while admiring the entrance to the tower.

- Entertainment Plaza: Contains stores for upgrading your fashion and suites, an arcade with plenty of games for your enjoyment, a diner with a fully featured bar, and a food court to hang out with friends.

Floor 2 - Suites
- Suite: Your suite is essentially your home in the tower. You'll have the ability to upgrade furniture, gain new features (such as a Shoutcast enabled radio), and use it for storing items when you run out of inventory slots.

Floor 3 - Action Genre
- PvP Battle: A wacky, Jaykin' Bacon: Source inspired deathmatch gamemode. Tons of insane weapons are at your disposal. With six explosive minute matches and creative maps, you're sure to enjoy this fast-paced FPS deathmatch geared towards the most badass of FPS players.

Floor 4 - Puzzle Genre
- Ball Race: Eat bananas and roll your way around this Super Monkey Ball inspired gamemode. With five worlds each with ten levels (50 levels), you'll have tons of fun for a good while.

Floor 5 - Survival Genre - Unreleased
- Twists of the Mind: Travel through a thick forest and unveil the mystery behind the recent killings. Survive your way through challenging puzzles and enemies.

Administration Management
- Players abusing or annoying other players will be handled by online administrators.

Player and Prop Protection
- The tool gun and prop spawning will be completely disabled throughout the entire tower. Players will never be able to shoot other players, so murders cannot be committed. However, if a player is desperate enough to damage a player another way, they will get kicked off the server. The second offense will lead to a 3 month ban and the third offense will lead to a permanent ban. Killing in non-combat areas (i.e. suite, entertainment plaza, etc.) is the only way you "win" yourself a ban.

Support for 30 Players
- The server will hold 30 players max. We feel that 30 GModers is enough to enjoy the tower. If the server ends up becoming full 24/7, a server upgrade will be made and the player limit will be raised (however, our budget increases).

Save/Load Database Management
- Everything will be saved to a MySQL server and backed up daily.

Room For More Floors
- GMod Tower was designed to add floors and gamemodes easily.

Lua Connected Servers
The tower is the base server. Each gamemode will be on its own server. You have to join the base server in order to access the gamemode servers.

Make sure you visit the forum thread and give the creators your feedback on their hard work!

Visit the Official Website

System Requirements:
- Latest Garry's Mod with HL2: Episode 2 and Counter Strike: Source mounted
- 1 GB RAM
- Steady Internet connection with a decent download (for streaming media)
- At least 380MB of hard drive space with at least 500MB of additional space for future updates


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