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A new update for the game Glyphs: Apprentice. Check it out on Steam.

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Yes Glyphs does indeed have keyboard configs and now you can set them to what you want as well as if you want to see the Tool Tips or not. Find the Settings Panel on the Main Screen or in the Game Screen when you click the blue Menu Button to leave the Game Screen.

Thanks for all your comments on and your interest in Glyphs. It means a lot to me to see this community growing.

To play Glyphs: Apprentice please check it out on Steam at:

Here are some images of the new Settings Panel.



Here are some images of game play.

Puzzle Example 01   Symbol of Pu

The image above shows the "Symbol of Purity" puzzle with a solution ready to be tested. The image below is the same solution being tested. All the tools are now following their instructions which the player gave to them to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle Example 02   Symbol of Pu

This is the same puzzle and solution but you can see the debugging panel on the right showing what the selected tool (shaded in green) is doing.

Puzzle Example 03   Symbol of Pu

Another puzzle with a solution ready to go and be tested.

Puzzle Example 05   Genesis Symb

Solution being tested and showing the debugging panel.

Puzzle Example 04   Genesis Symb

To play Glyphs: Apprentice please check it out on Steam at:

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