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Hello guys, We just launched our next BETA version. This version has a lot of bugs fixes and the engine works like a charm now.

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Your feedback is very important to us because only in this way we will make the best product out there !

Our team works very hard now to implement the new graphics technology and also to add more features. You will see the changes on the next release so stay close !

Have fun with it and don't forget to post here your work !

Download the new BETA version from our

All the best,

Glue Engine Team,


Visual Glue Graph Music Load Button has been changed to Browse
Added errors and informations in Visual Glue Graph
Visual Glue Graph sound files exist in file list bug has been fixed
Added Preview Sound in Visual Glue Graph
Added Volume Control to Visual Glue Graph
Added Looping Settngs for Music to Visual Glue Graph
Engine Core restructured for Visual Glue Graph new functions
Water can now be selected again
Physics optimization
Added a few more models
Deleted old temporary junk files
New Map Ground Texture delete now fixed
Visual Glue Graph shortcut has been added in tools section
Sound Record has a new design
Import Sprites has been removed temporary
Fade Animation has been temporary removed
Core Engine Optimization
Added Object Export
Import Weapons has been remade from the ground up
Import Weapons now supports multiple weapons import
Added Sky Creator into the engine to create sky boxes
Added icon to Change Sky Texture
Modified Object Deselection to left click to middle click
Main Editor Window now has auto sizing enabled with grow and shrink method
Object accidentally deselection when moving, scaling or rotating fixed
Loading Splash Screen color scheme changed
Added Tools ToolBar for easy access of the main tools
Screen Tint Brushe's axis now appears
Enhanced notification system added
Performance fixes
Code gaps fixed
Compile Button has been renamed to Level Test
Level Test icon has been changed
Tools icon has been changed
Old Executables deleted
Added Hide All Weapons Function
Added the new Axis to all the components and function in the engine
Brushes now are created by pressing the spacekey
Primitives now can be deselected by pressing the middle mouse button
Brushes can now be deselected by pressing the middle mouse button
CSG on Sphere and Cone now is done by CTRL + A
After CSG is finished, the objects created now are automatically texturing with the default texture
You can now find objects in the scene with search and a list box that shows the objects
Change Sky Texture now has been added to the main toolbar for quick access
Errors surpressed in Engine Text, messages eliminated
Zoom Speed now has multiple values
Zoom Speed state now saves and loads
Interface Bug Fixes
CTRL + M hotkey shortcut now opens Model Navigator
Dynamic Sky has been updated - new clouds, quality sky
Cloud Density now works correctly
Cloud Density design has been remade
Cloud density has multiple values
Added Full Screen
Added HotKey for Texture Navigator - CTRL + T
Added the Metro Style and Metro Color Scheme to all the engine's interface
Added more ToolTips
Added Password Security
Startup resolution detection bug fixed
Rain has been temporary disabled
HyBrid Core component added
Audio Player has a new design
Audio Player Bug Fixes
Added Hints
Edit Sound/Music Button has been temporary disabled
Additional Options for music player on right click has been moved on song name right click
Audio Player volume controls changed
Edit CutScene Button has been disabled temporary
CutScene Player has a new design
Cutscene Player Bug Fixes
CutScene Button has been re - enabled from the Tools Menu for CutScene Player
Engine Startup has been optimized
Engine Editor Window now works on all resolutions, all the buttons now appear
Multiply Button now works
Character now detects edges and climbs on high objects
Character Moving Animation has been temporary disabled
Engine Code optimized
Physics now detects objects to climb to collide and to fall from
Terrain now works again
Selecter now scales with object in the scene selected or imported
In - Engine Update System added
Resolved bugs that prevented developers from testing the game without weapons
Import Weapons now displays the actual weapon name
Weapon Importer now has Animation Previews
Weapon Importer now is repositioning the existing weapon to fit the screen
Import Weapons has a new design
Import Weapons now has the ability to change object's speed while animating
Import Weapons now detects if an object from the list is selected or not (Error Removed)
Import Weapons can now indicate if an animation is running or not
Primitive Brushes now has the color changed with a baby light to better see the brush
Weapons Structure for FPS has been remade
Added the ability to change the weapon's speed
Core Engine now detects whether next weapon exists or not(FPS)
Weapon Slots now are detected per level
After loading a new map, camera will be pointed and positioned to the nearest object
Glue Engine now supports project management(Alpha)
At Save Map, the map will be saved automatically(necessary for you to save it manually after doing some work)
Improved Stability
Graphics Resolution now adapats to your pc resolution
Sprites can now be imported through Visual Glue Graph
Objects In The Scene number now shows the correct total of objects in the scene
Primitive Brushes now does not dissapear and retains their old position and angle
Primitives Brush now can be selected in the scene
CSG is now avaiable also if you are selecting the Primitive Brush in the scene
Glue Engine editor background image resized
Full Scene Wireframe ability added
Sprite Importer now has events
Sprite Importee has been eliminated from the main menu
Engine Graphics settings remade
FPS Character Movement tweak
Trigger Based Animations added
Glue Engine design changed
Player now spawns on player start with correct physics
Object Converter has been remade from skratch and now it has a new design
Added missing external DLLs
Particle Editor has been remade from ground up and has a new design and new functionalities
Change Sky Texture Repositioned
Terrain Setup has been remade
Object can now be deselected by pressing CTRL + D
Terrain Exists now deletes when editor exists to prevent startup bug
Light Properties Button now has an icon
Gravity has been changed, player falls much more faster
Welcome Screen with Quick Access added
NewsLetter Window eliminated
Additional from File Menu has been removed
Added Question Mark when a map is not saved
Blank Map button has been removed
Terrain now can be deleted
Added Delete Terrain button
Terrain Section optimized
Project Name now shows
Terrain Previewer now works
Added Terrain Sculpt buttons such as Raise, Lower and Flatten
Terrain has a new Size Limit
Terrain Texture now scales automatically with Terrain Size
Editor now shows how many Polyogns and Draw Calls the Terrain has
Character Importer has been remade from ground up
Character Importer has been disabled temporary due to implementation of advanced AI
Major Improvements and Fixes
Launcher has been remade from ground up
Launcher now has automatic installing after downloading
PhysX now clears when exiting compile
X button now works on either sphere and cone primitives
Object Properties button has been disabled temporary
When selecting player start now it automatically selects to replace it
Set Camera FOV has a new slider
Sound On TOuch has a new slider
Sound Properties has a new slider
Object Finder has a new design
Object Finder now closes when selecting an object
Terrain now saves and loads

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