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- Added Steam key allowing to add game to steam library for every user with Knight or higher status (you can find your Steam key in user panel)
- added big improvement which should fix "ghosts"
- improved enemies AI
- improved collisions detection in melee combat
- fixed a bug causing disappearing of NPCs in towns
- optimized cpu and gpu usage
- most probably fixed the bug which was sometimes causing the game to crash just after loading (please let us know if this bug still occurs after patch)
- added stabbing animations for one-handed weapons and longswords
- added modifier adjusting damage given by bows in PvE/PvP
- increased game stability on 32bit systems
- completed pirates wharf.
- added a bonus chance for creating high quality item depending on crafting skill
- added cave with coal.
- modified quantity and type of looted items.
- added lower quality armor to shops.
- fixed incorrectly displayed icons in crafting window.
- fixed a graphical bug related to displaying semi-transparent objects.
- fixed a bug allowing multiple looting from single mob.
- various systems have been improved
- added huntsman's and alchemist's house near Dunfen town
- fixed minor visual issues
- added underwater effects
- added time required to loot chests and containers
- optimized and improved visual weather effects (rain, snow), added raindrop spatter effect
- rebuilt swamp region
- added Anti-Aliasing in game options
- added 6 new longsword models
- decreased time required to load the game after selecting the character
- removed most of the terrain gaps
- improved some mobs animations
- fixed logging off bug causing server overload and lags
- added big fix to character's position synchronisation (please report if oppressive moving the character back will occur)
- fixed bug preventing players to gather some of the resources
- fixed bug blocking character after drawing one of the longswords
- fixed bug causing controller's desynchronisation after weapon changing and while punching
- fixed bug in attacking animation just after weapon drawing
- fixed stabbing animation for two-handed weapon
- removed reflexes displayed on character while it is underwater
- fixed blocking and moving animation glitches for longsword
- fixed bug causing much faster stamina usage and regeneration
- fixed bug causing controller locking after respawn
- decreased backstab damage multiplier from 1,3 to 1,2
- decreased critical hit damage multiplier from 2x
- fixed bug causing character's bending when attacking (upper and lower body parts synchronization)
- fixed stabbing animation for one-handed weapon
- fixed displaying of flags possession state on map
- implemented additional, symbolic amount of experience points for capturing the flag, gained by all players of capturing nation
- fixed bug requiring player owning two different tools at the same time to create an item, while only one of them should be required
- adjusted gahtering time for different resources
- fixed some displaying speed of different mobs animations
- adjusted weapon attack cost according on equipped armor

At the moment we are working hard on developing equipment and crafting. We plan to continuously implement final versions of those systems to improve gameplay, and help players to create in-game economy. We started with complex designing of the amount of available weapons.

The next task we are now working on is weather system optimization. We aim to increase it's effectiveness, so it would be able to display higher quality atmospheric effects.

We also do our best to improve GUI and AI, so NPC will be able to use shooting weapons.

And we can - with pleasure - announce that npc dialogues are almost ready for implementation!

We also implement support of Steam game registration keys. Due to policy of this platform, until the game is released, only people who own Gloria Victis in their libraries will see it in other gamers collections. It will allow to by example run the game by Steam application and counting in-game time.

Thanks for all your support, our dear Community!


Not bad progress. However, I do hope that eventually you are able to implement a sharper AA, as well as SMAA to improve the graphics. Without those enhancements, the game looks dated already. Other than that, I am impressed with what I see and am once again proud to be a backer of the project. Cheers.

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