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Here is the changelog for v.0.2 Pre-Alpha.

New launcher is recommended.


– Added new island (work in progress version) with new type of flags and precious rewards
– Implemented SpeedTree 5, the most advanced trees system, and replaced old trees with the new ones
– Vertically rescaled the map so high mountains will be possible to implement (currently implemented mountains have been made higher too)
– Refreshed all of the game’s locations
– Added minor sublocations and details to existing locations, like caves or hidden passages


– Upgraded game’s engine version to Unity 5
– Reworked and modified displaying of graphics by engine
– Reworked graphics options
– Refreshed all textures in game, some of them have 2 or even 4 times higher resolution now and a lot of new effects
– Implemented Global Illumination effect
– Added reflexes on characters
– Used more advanced version of Depth of Field effect
– Used more efficient version of SSAO effect
– Improved the lightning in game
– Reworked weather system and it’s shaders
– Reworked water shaders
– Reworked hair shaders


– Extended the Daily Events
– Added optional first person camera
– Implemented new type of flags, requiring players to teamplay and coordinate actions of few teams at the same time
– Reworked NPCs navigation paths
– Implemented new one-handed swords and longswords recipes and distributed them in shops and enemies drops
– Added new version of crafting window, containing new functionalities
– Reduced costs of weapons attacks and balanced them on different weapon types
– Balanced drop chances for items from random boxes
– Balanced bosses drops (Ragi, Brandon)
– Fixed bug preventing player from blocking when character’s stamina went to 0 and wasn’t refreshed on GUI

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