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We've made a global messaging system for BSOD and we'll post summary on what the game is.

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NOTE: If alpha dosen't work install Facebook.comHi guys my colleague Brodie and I have been developing a game called BSOD for a year now. It's a virtual hacking game with features like Brute-forcing and in game-programming. It has been made usable by a wide audience as we have different game-modes which are for people with lower technical ability than programmers .
BSOD at it's base is a network based hacking game in which you can find certain items on ftp servers you've hacked or other people, to help you win the game by building up firewalls or buying skill points to increase efficiency of your attacks. There is an in-game virus programming language in which you can make the virus do certain things to the computer using programs you've got downloaded. After you've made the virus you can hack into an ftp server and trick people into downloading the virus or send it by email and tell your friend to open it.

However these are just base game-modes we've implemented, we also have an extensive modding system in which you can completely change the game. The mods work a lot like on Garry's mod they are downloaded when you go on a sever and if you have any mods that are enabled on your client but aren't on the server they will be disabled. There is also a texture pack system in which sever texture packs can be downloaded if you enable it and you could download them off the internet or make your own.
We've Incorporated mini-games for doing certain aspects of the game such as ssh port hacking however these are also moddable. We have made the modding system in lua and we are discussing having the capabilities for other scripting languages. We want to know what you think. We also would love to hear your suggestions? Thanks,
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