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Hello people! Dungeon Battles: Heroes of the Throne is already live. Please give the game a chance, hope you enjoy. The team here worked a lot to make this game really awesome. Try to control your units, like the old and great RTS games and destroy the enemie bases. Have FUN!

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Here are some of the key features:

Active Battle Management: Command your armies and control every unit during battles with a simple intuitive tap and swipe command. Never again watch your units die while you do nothing; rather prioritize your own targets and employ unique strategies to destroy enemy dungeons. A smart path-finding system ensures your army comprised of heroes and minions move to exactly where you command them to go.

Powerful Heroes: Choose between 4 unique heroes with various skills and abilities. Level up, customize and develop their unique skills to tackle any scenario and bring down powerful dungeon defenses and change the tide of battles. Select and control your Hero during battles and utilize active skills at critical moments to overcome dungeon defense and defeat stronger dungeon bases.

Defenders of the Throne: Each dungeon has an army of minotaurs that are critical to and specialize in dungeon defense. Train your minotaurs and they will defend your dungeon and guard your throne, adding another level of depth and strategy to the game.

Unique War System: Clans can challenge each other in these intense player created events through a unique war system. Wager ranks in the ultimate two day fight for glory where everyone is a target, no one is safe and shields only last half the time.

Community Events: Participate in monthly community and server activated events including Super Boss battles and Fast War events that pit players together in grueling battles for days on end. Emerge victorious and achieve top honors to receive the best rewards.

Power Up Drops: During battle be on the lookout for power-up drops, including Hero Buffs, Bonus Resources, and Reinforcements as special boxes filled with various bonuses drop randomly.

Active Clan Integration: Clan members can donate Minions and Defenders to intensify battles, defend dungeons bases and create a more active clan and social community.

*Availble for iPhone and iPad (Soft launch on some countries) Global release soon ;)

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